Bed Threads home page
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Work end-to-end redesigning the Bed Threads home page utilising various forms of research, methodologies, best practices to help drive the Ideation and design.

Systhesise homepage research 

  • More than 75% of people use their phones to access the internet.

  • Clearly answer

    • who are we

    • what do we do

    • What can you the visitor do here

  • First impressions matter, within 3 seconds, a website meeds to tell visitors what the site has to offer.

  • Nearly 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if they find the content and layout unattractive.

  • your homepage needs to wear a lot of hats. Rather than treating it like a dedicated landing page built around one particular action, it should be designed to serve different audiences, from different origins.

  • Create an identity

  • The homepage is a user’s first glance into what your company or brand is all about. it’s the place users go to if they happen on your site by chance and what to know more

  • make these interactions feel personable to help see what you do and who you are.


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Competitor analysis

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Final design