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The client, Jimmy Brings, required an innovative solution to their e-commerce app. The design I developed was influenced by various quantitative and qualitative research to attain an app with increased usability. The design solution required a modern, usable and desirable interface for the user.




Current interface

The home screen incorporates a single axis scrolling system that depicts all the categories. There is a drop-down for each category allowing you to see all offerings.


After opening a category, the user will scroll all the way to the bottom of the category to see all offerings and to be able to transition into other menu items.

I like the simplistic notion of the user being able to select quantities. The typography weight is a little heavy,


The prominent use of the back makes the app dark and unwelcoming. The payment screen is simple, efficient and user friendly.

UI flow 
UI flwo.jpg
Landscape Review

Review e-commerce offerings, I wanted to get a wide understanding of different layouts types, with the focus on the landing page and product page.


Dan Murphy’s utilises an intricate system of category and search engines allowing for the user to find their desired product by name.


Furthermore, they use a navigation bar at the bottom to allow for smooth transitioning between sectors.

Gumtree utilises columns, allowing the user to scroll and see the different products. The columns are driven by a search engine that allows users to narrow down their search.


Uber Eats utilises multi-axis scrolling, allowing users to move effortlessly between categories. This is an app that is very popular with the demographic of Jimmy Brings.

Affinity map

To create the affinity map I utilised research techniques such as observation, interviews, usability testing on Jimmy Brings app and Uber Eats app. Below I have listed some key insights.


Below is feedback from the interview and affinity mapping process.

"no back button" (reducing the ability for the user to seamlessly transition between categories)


"limited offerings" (Jimmy Brings has 104 products, which is substantial for the style of business. It looks like there is a limited offering and this could be because of the layout rather than the range)


"I think they could use a multi-axis scrolling system similar to Uber Eats" (potentially using multi-axis scrolling to show all offerings and increase impulse buying)


"that (the category) should be highlighted from one to another" (increasing usability and highlighting variety) "I like scrolling, it is what I'm used to" (making the interface usable and understandable for a wide audience)


The 4 personas created represent the target market for Jimmy Brings. These personas were updated through the design process.

A4 - 6.jpg
A4 - 5.jpg
A4 - 4.jpg
A4 - 3.jpg
Artboard 1-100.jpg
Low-fidelity Wireframe
Low-fidelity Wireframe
Artboard 2-100.jpg
Colour, Typography, Iconography
Desktop - 1.png
A/B testing
A&B test.jpg
Final design 
Artboard 2_1-100.jpg
Final design 
Main flow flat.jpg

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