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Designed to be innovative and usable.

I'm Michael a multidisciplinary designer with a background in UX/UI, Graphics and Industrial Design. This holistic view allows me to transform complex problems into elegant solutions with a distinctive creative flair. 

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I'm currently working in the CX fulfilment squad. We are working to relieve pain points throughout the delivery experience across Dan Murphy's and BWS.

Transactional email template

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BWS order visibility - iOS & Android 

Bed Threads

I worked end to end designing a market-leading eCommerce experience for a growing global homewares brand. Part of the experience designed by me:

  • Home page

  • Navigation

  • Collections page

  • Product page

  • Build your own bundle (bed and table)

  • Cart

  • Checkout

Build Your Own Bundle

Home page

Product page

Design system

Jimmy Brings


Responsive web design for an eCommerce shoe brand. 

RØDE Microphones

Increasing the usability of the RØDECaster across all touchpoints.  


Innovative disruptor in the hospitality reviewing sector.

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