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Understanding the key aspects of the brief.

We wish to produce mock-ups on redesigning the experience for our product detail page for one of our key clients from the Accent Group (Skechers).

We should design a clean simple page, that allows the brand to showcase the product features, allow users to understand to core principles of what they require to purchase but allows users you rely on user-generated content such as reviews, and the brand marketing promotional materials that help sell this product.


      - Redesigned Product Detail Page for MEN'S SKECHERS GOWALK 5 - DOWNDRAFT in CHARCOAL/BLUE

      -Shop Skechers Men's Skechers GOwalk 5 - Downdraft Grey Online | Skechers AU

Success looks like... 

As a user, I want a mobile-first experience to be able to save this product for later. understand what features and promotions are available to me. I also am the type of person that values other users feedback and love to understand why I should purchase directly from Skechers.


The header and footer should also be revised as part of this process in changing the experience.


We need to showcase how this scales up to the desktop.

Current interface

Assessing the current interfaces and areas of improvement.

The header needs to be organised and consistent.

IMG_1356 (1).PNG

Sentence case can be used to create a more welcoming experience for the user.

Ideation Low-Fidelity 

Ulitlising best practice to develop low fidelity prototypes of the mobile interface. After developing the low fidelity concepts I will extrapolate them into high fidelity prototypes. The next step will be to decide which features create the best user experience and transition these features to a responsive design.

Top navigation Ideation 
Artboard 3_2-100.jpg
Top navigation responsive
Footer mobile 
Artboard 3_4-100.jpg
Footer responsive
Artboard 3_5-100.jpg

Development of three concepts showcasing the product details, sizing and purchasing in different formats - allowing to assess usability and the overall experience.

Concept one
Artboard 3_6-100.jpg
Concept two
Artboard 3_7-100.jpg
Concept three
Artboard 3_8-100.jpg
Final design 
Artboard 3_9-100.jpg
Final design responsive
Responsive _deisgn_presentation.jpg

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