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Build Your Own Bundle
Artboard 1.png

Original, MVP, Final design

  • The original design requires the user to select one colour from the dropdown menu. With the launch of new colours as a focus for 2021, the dropdown list will continue to lengthen and require further scrolling. 

  • By expanding the colours in the MVP, we are introducing gamification and fostering creativity whilst increasing the usability of the experience.


Frame 64 (3).png


Frame 64 (2).png

Final design

Frame 683 (1).png


  • The goal of this testing is to assess the usability of the BYOB experience on Mobile. We want to gather some initial insights to create assumptions, and then continue to validate these assumptions in follow up tests. At the end of testing, we will have gathered insights to make any necessary design and functionality improvements.


pexels-karsten-madsen-18105 copy.jpg


Top secret, sorry.

Market leading MVP 

After the launch of the Bed Threads Build Your Own Bundle MVP, direct competitors used it as 'inspiration' for their experience. They did execute some features better than our MVP! Which allowed us to conduct blind usability testing, allowing us to enhance our experience 


MVP review

After the launch of the MVP, I conducted a detailed review of the design to uncover areas of opportunity. I noticed that there was inconstancy with the mobile and desktop progress bar as well as other usability problems which were uncovered through Hot Jar, and usability testing.

Progress bar

As you can see by the below images of the progress bar, there are some inconsistencies across the mobile and desktop experience. Specifically, the sheets and the pillowcases this was one of the focuses of the re-design.




BYOB Progress desktop.png

Progress bar ideations

As you can see by the below Ideations, designing a progress bar that moved linearly on desktop would not allow me to solve the above problem. Some ideations of the progress bar, the font was too small for a sub-heading, and some of the steps were too close together.

Problem solving

I needed to use my lateral thinking and creativity to solve this problem. I found a lot of inspiration in how Gmail, Wix, Minecraft and the settings for my monitor are laid out. You notice with the images below that they stack their options and move left to right... why does the progress bar need to move linearly?... it doesn't, It can progress vertically, and I can stack the options.

Desktop progress bar ideations

You can see with the below ideations that I was exploring where to place the signifier and the overall UI 

Frame 882.png
Progress bar desktop
Second pillow.png

Ideations features mobile

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 2.03.30 pm.png

Select size ideations

Frame 872 (1).png

Flow ideations

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 4.54.08 pm.png

Ideation and refinement of concept across mobile and desktop 

Frame 880.png

Developer notes

Group 115.png
Group 116.png

File orgnisation

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 5.00.44 pm.png
Final design 

Progress disclosure 

Through testing, we noticed some users were getting "excited" about the colour options and missing steps. I utilised progressive disclosure to break down the larger steps into manageable tasks.

Frame 962.png
Group 51.png

Signifier allowing the user to visualise the completion or incompletion of steps.

3d render allows the user to visualise their combination

Primary CTA

Start over and save for later feauture 

Colour swatches

Group 51 (1).png

In the summary step, the 3d render becomes smaller, allowing the user to review their items whilst still being able to visualise the bundle

Signifier highlighting completion or inculpation of a step  

Ability to edit the child items 

Fitted sheet.png

The right-hand 'workspace'  allows the user to have a more efficient workflow.

Inspiration  04.png

The inspiration pop-up allows the user to ensure their bundle will match their aesthetic by comparing the render and inspiration side by side, thus reducing the number of amended orders, and saving the business money.

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