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Bed Threads design system & language
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 11.23.24 am.png

Button system

Primary (1).png

Primary, secondary, Tertiary

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Button language

The creation of a design language that allows other designers to use various components whilst creating visual consistency .

Frame 801.png


Frame 802.png

Grid System

I have created components for my various artboard sizes this allows me to detach the instance and have my 4, 8 and column grid system consistent across the multiple dimensions, it also makes me more efficient whilst designing.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 10.48.00 am.png


Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 4.10.18 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 4.11.51 pm.png
Frame 781.png

Project template

I have created a file template that allows me to duplicate it and edit the file name. Doing this will enable me to be organised and allow my product managers, developers and stakeholders to navigate the file easily.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 10.52.42 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 12.04.01 pm.png

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Jimmy Brings

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RØDE Microphones

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