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The brief was to utilise the UX methodology on the RØDECaster pro and create increased usability. The design solution must improve usability throughout all stages of the users' journey. The solution must integrate into the current UI without disturbing it.

Channel Seat – 27.png
Artboard – 4.png

Understanding the RØDECaster Pro

To understand and develop solutions for the RØDECaster Pro I needed to understand the key features which make the RØDECaster Pro unique.


       - Eight channels (4 XLR mic inputs, USB, Phone, BlueTooth, Sound pads)

       - Four XLR mic inputs with phantom power.

       - MicroSD card

       - Touch screen

       - Buttons to access channel settings

       - 1/4 TRS headphone outputs Volume control for speakers


Interface Pages  

       - for each channel (Colour coded for each channel)

       - Settings for display

       - Gain levels for each channel

       - Ability to record onto the sound pads


RØDECaster Pro accessories

To develop solutions which will add value to the RØDECaster Pro I needed to understand the accessories which have been developed to increase the usability of the RØDECaster Pro.


XLR-ID is a pack of Eight colour-coded rings that can be affixed to any XLR cable increasing usability and ease of setting up your podcasting studio.


DC-USB power cable allows the RØDECaster pro to be powered by any portable USB charger. Increasing usability and versatility transforming the RØDECaster pro into a portable podcasting studio.

02 (1).jpg

HJA-4 is a four a pack of high-quality adapters converting the 1/4" headphone socket into 3.5mm headphone socket.

Landscape review

I undertook a landscape review to understand what makes the rode caster pro unique compared to its competitors. The RØDECaster pro has revolutionised the traditional notion of a mixer by exchanging nobs for a clean touch screen.


Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB

Price - $194 ( 4 Channels

Budget mixer for 3+ person podcasting

Connectivity to a computer via USB

One-knob compression

4 Mic Preamp

Net Weight: 2.15 kg)


Yamaha Mg10Xu 10-Input Stereo Mixer With Effects


Price - $299 (

10 Channel mixer with USB and SPX digital effects

1 Knob compressors

XLR and TRS outs for connecting to your PA system or monitor speakers

Metal chassis

Net Weight: 2.1 kg


Allen & Heath ZED-12FX 12-Channel Mixer with USB Interface and Onboard EFX


Price - $949 (

6 mono channels

3 stereo channels with 2-band EQ and inputs for extra sources

16 internal time-delay effects

Neutrik mic XLR

Neutrik 1/4 inch jacks

Net Weight: 8.5kg


Yamaha MG12XU 12 Input Mixer w/ FX & USB Audio Interface


Price - $599 (

6x Mic Inputs

12x Line Inputs

1-Knob compressors 2-In/2-Out USB Up to 24-bit / 192kHz Built-In FX with 24 Presets

Metal chassis

Net Weight: 4.2 kg


To understand the potential users of the RØDECaster Pro I created personas to best represent the user.

Artboard 1-100.jpg

User journey map

This is an example of a user journey map of one of the 6 personas, This allows me to empathise with the user to increase the usability of the RØDECaster Pro throughout all touchpoints.

Artboard 2-100.jpg

UI flow 

To grasp areas of improvement in the UI I needed to map all sectors of the Mixers interface. This allowed me to understand where potential updates could be implemented. This is represented by the enlarged section. The update is located within the 4 XLR channels.

Artboard 1-100.jpg

Low-Fidelity prototype

Artboard 2-100.jpg

Final design

The introduction of a feature called 'shows' that allows you to save a snapshot of all your settings, which can be saved and reloaded at any time in the future

Artboard 2-100.jpg

Final design

I developed a high fidelity prototype where I recreated the iconography to create a working prototype.

Artboard 2-100.jpg

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