Build Your Own Bundle
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Original vs Redesign 
  • The Original Design requires users to select one colour from the dropdown options to view at a time. 

  • With the launch of new colours as a focus for 2021, the dropdown list will continue to lengthen and require further scrolling. 

  • By expanding the colour and we are also introducing playfulness and fostering creativity whilst increasing the usability of the experience.

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Redesign MVP
Frame 64 (2).png
Final design
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  • The goal of this testing is to assess the usability of the BYOB experience on Mobile. We want to gather some initial insights to create assumptions, and then continue to validate these assumptions in follow up tests. At the end of testing, we will have gathered insights to make any necessary design and functionality improvements.


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Top secret, sorry.

ideations features mobile
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Select size ideations
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Flow ideations
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Ideation and refinement of concept across mobile and desktop 
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Features Mobile MVP
Features Mobile

Signifier allowing the user to visualise completion or incompletion of steps  

3d render allowing the user to visualise there combination

Primary CTA

Tertiary CTA

Colour swatches

Phone_photoshop copy.png

On the summary step, the 3d render becomes smaller allowing the user to review their components whilst visualising the bundle  

Signifier highlighting completion or inculpation of a step  

Ability to edit this child item 

Dev hand over


RØDE Microphones


File orgnisation
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